If you have any pictures of you and your Alwych send them to us and every two months Margo will select her favourite and send you a free Alwych! Your pictures will also be added to our Gallery. Simply email them to stating it is for the competition.

Alwych Notebook Winner

I am a Masters student in South Africa working with Oystercatchers and was introduced to your notebooks by my Supervisor who is British born. After my other field notebook got a bit ruined in a downpour I decided to try the Alwych notebook which has faired far better with the beach weather I put it through. And by beach weather I dont mean sunny still days, down here it can get very windy, very wet and the salty water destroys most of my weatherproof equipment. I decided instead of sending a photo of myself I would send a photo of my research subjects, this being a baby African Black Oystercatcher I was monitoring. I hope you like the pictures, and when last I checked this youngster was still doing very well with his parents.

Dane, University of Cape Town, South Africa

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